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February 26 - March 1, 2018
Booth # 304
Double Tree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Breker’s Trek family of products and apps automatically generates multi-threaded test cases that verify your chip design more quickly and more thoroughly. These test cases are reusable from IP to full-chip level, and from simulation to silicon, meeting all requirements for the upcoming Accellera standard on Portable Stimulus.


  • TrekUVM generates sequences for UVM testbenches.
  • TrekSoC generates C tests for SoC software-driven verification that is reusable from simulation to emulation.
  • From the same inputs, TrekSoC-Si generates test cases that run on in-circuit emulation (ICE), FPGA prototypes, and actual silicon in your lab.
  • The Cache Coherency TrekApp is a stand-alone turnkey solution for cache coherency verification from simulation to silicon.
  • The ARMv8 TrekApp achieves rigorous testing of multi-core ARMv8 systems. New!
  • The Power Management TrekApp generates self-checking test cases that exercise all transition sequences in complex power management state machines.  New!