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System-on-chip (SoC) verification is in a crisis. Transactional simulation testbenches don’t work at the full-chip level. Production software is available too late in the project and is not designed to find SoC bugs. The Breker TrekSoC product fills this gap by automatically generating multi-­threaded, multi-processor, self­-verifying C test cases to run in simulation on heterogeneous embedded processors within your SoC. The result is faster and more thorough pre-silicon verification.

From the same inputs, the Breker TrekSoC-Si product generates test cases that run on in-circuit emulation (ICE), FPGA prototypes, and actual silicon. The result is faster and more thorough bring-up of hardware. Your embedded programmers no longer have to hand-write throw-away tests for simulation or hardware platforms, freeing them to work on revenue-generating applications instead.