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Chip verification is in a crisis. Simulation testbenches don’t work at the full-chip level. System-on-chip (SoC) production software is available too late in the project and is not designed to find hardware bugs. The Breker Trek family of products and applications (apps) fills this gap by automatically generating multi-­threaded, self­-verifying test cases.  TrekUVM enhances transactional testbenches for your networking, processor, and GPU projects. TrekSoC links UVM testbenches to C test cases running in simulation on heterogeneous embedded processors within your SoC. The result is faster and more thorough pre-silicon verification. From the same inputs, TrekSoC-Si generates test cases that run on in-circuit emulation (ICE), FPGA prototypes, and actual silicon. The result is faster and more thorough bring-up of hardware. Your embedded programmers no longer have to hand-write throw-away tests for verification or bring-up, freeing them to work on revenue-generating applications.