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February 26 - March 1, 2018
Booth # 304
Double Tree Hotel, San Jose, CA

As a pioneer of advanced verification technologies, Breker publishes a great deal of technical information in both print and on-line publications. Breker also works with the editors of these publications to ensure that their coverage of verification topics includes graph-based scenario models and automatic generation of test cases for SoC verification.

This Web site includes nearly 200 links to external articles, blog posts, white papers, editorial coverage, etc. From this extensive list, the following four technical articles and presentations are the recommended places to start to understand Breker, its market, and its products:

  • Electronic Engineering Times: Stitch and Ship no longer Viable Read More
  • Verification Futures: Close Your Coverage Loop with Graph-Based Scenario Models Read More
  • Electronic Engineering Times: The Forgotten SoC Verification Team Read More
  • Gabe on EDA: The Truth about SoC Verification Read More

The datasheets also provide a good overview of product operation and benefits: