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June 19 - 21, 2017
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Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

Applications, popularly knows as “apps” in the consumer world, are a well established way to ease and accelerate the adoption of new technology. The TrekApp products available and planned in the Breker product line serve exactly this purpose. They provide turnkey solutions for specific types of chip verification challenges that are well addressed by graph-based scenario models and Breker’s tools.

A typical TrekApp provides a graph-based scenario model in the form of scenario model IP (SMIP) pre-populated with most information needed to solve the targeted problem. Where graph customization is needed, documentation, training, and applications support walk you through the essential steps. If you would like an even more integrated solution, consulting services may be available bundled with the application.

Breker currently offers the Cache Coherency TrekApp to provide an automated solution for one of the toughest challenges in system verification: ensuring that multi-processor designs with multi-level cache architectures remain coherent and consistent even under high system stress. Future apps will include support for verification of low-power design structures and SMIPS for standard interface protocols.


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