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February 26 - March 1, 2018
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Applications, popularly knows as “apps” in the consumer world, are a well established way to ease and accelerate the adoption of new technology. The TrekApp products provide pre-built solutiuons targeting particular applications where no knowledge of Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) graphs or scenario models is required to generate self-checking tests.

Breker currently offers the Cache Coherency TrekApp to provide an automated solution for one of the toughest challenges in system verification: ensuring that multi-processor designs with multi-level cache architectures remain coherent and consistent even under high system stress.

The most recent apps are:

  • The ARMv8 TrekApp which achieves rigorous testing of multi-core ARMv8 systems including stress on the ACE coherency protocol, atomic, exclusive and acquire/release memory operations, and system-wide paging with TLBi/DVM.
  • The Power Management TrekApp which generates self-checking test cases that exercise all transition sequences in complex power management state machines.

For more information on the latest updates, please contact: info@brekersystems.com